24 October 2021

He Was Pissed that He Couldn't Drink More

I'm not sure if this headline indicates confusion on someone's part. Shooting death of Vermont man ruled homicide; no charges filed

Confusion about the following: Homicide is not a crime; murder is a crime. It sounds like this might be a case of Justified Homicide.

The clerk at a convenience store refused to sell him alcohol because he was already drunk, or "deemed too intoxicated." He started a fight with the clerk, and a customer intervened.

He apparently followed the customer home.

At approximately 7:20 p.m., Chaplin arrived at Johnson's home, approximately five miles north of the convenience store.

Authorities said an "altercation" began outside the residence during which Johnson shot a handgun, striking Chaplin in the arm and chest. Chaplin was brought to Copley Hospital in Morrisville, where he was pronounced dead.

All because he didn't know when to say "when," or he could have gone home and gotten some sleep. Instead, he had to prove how tough he was. I don't think he expected to come out on the short end of that stick. I would like to say that a 27-year-old should know better, but really there are whole generations who have never heard the word "No" in their entire life, so of course they respond poorly when they don't get their way. A temper tantrum at 2 is annoying. At 27...

The investigation is ongoing; self-defense is a human-right.


  1. Almost zero information in the story to determine good shoot/bad shoot. But since it appears he may have been drunk.......

  2. A quick search of the "'Net" suggests that Chaplin had "history" for violence and drug (cocaine) dealing. Seems the boy wasn't quite "right". To say nothing of following someone to their home to continue an "disagreement". Anyone claiming "bad shoot" is going to have to come up with an "interesting" story.

    As usual police/media reports are close to useless. I can understand avoiding "conclusions", but some factual details would seem to be appropriate. That would be "reporting", instead of just publishing press releases.

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