22 October 2021

Friday Links - 22 October

A Geek With Guns - Gun Control Continues to Fail

The New Neo - Condi Rice on CRT

Da Tech Guy - Moms for America tells Biden’s Department of Justice where to stick their intimidation

The Daley Gator - Remember kids, when the left no longer needs you…………

Battleswarm Blog - Democrats to Cops in 2020: You’re Evil Racists And We Want To Defund You! Democrats to Cops in 2021: We Need You To Enforce Vaccine Mandates. Cops to Democrats: Get Stuffed!

Crime Research Org - ABC’s The Rookie demonizing 223 rounds, falsely claiming they are used by snipers

News Busters - Nets Censor Devastating Poll Numbers for Collapsing Biden Presidency

Ace of Spades HQ - Marine Vet Single-Handedly Disarms a Gun-Wielding Soy Robber and Sends His Confederates Running In Abject Terror

The Other McCain - The Buckhead Lamborghini Murder

Flopping Aces - Do Black Lives Really Matter? It Depends on Who You Ask… Murders in the black community, and more.

Again from The Other McCain - McAuliffe Campaign Implosion Continues

Pirate's Cove - Chinese Coronavirus Mandates: Parents Protest, Cops Say Nope

Granite Grok - So When You Are Told You Can’t Observe Your Child’s Classroom – Tell’em to ESSA off!

Bottom line: Yes, you can and Federal Law mandates that you can.

Busted Knuckles - Ya Think So Do Ya? On Google's insistance on 2-factor authentication.

Jews Can Shoot - The 1619 Project Comes for the Second Amendment

Diogenes Middle Finger - Relax, We Got This...... Supply chain woes caused by Democratic policies and laws.

HeyJackass! has the stats on last weekend in Chicago. Mostly Peaceful Weekend

With the lead flying at a level not seen since mid-90s, the best course of action the dimwitted Non-Essentials can come up with is to berate and threaten police, fire and EMT personnel with a no-pay status. sCiENcE!

Again from Battlewarm Blog - Colin Powell, RIP

Again from The Daley Gator - Washington State Trooper to Governor Inslee “Kiss my ass”

Stately McDaniel Manor - School Attacks, 2021: #8

Again from Pirate's Cove - Good News: Antarctica’s Coldest Weather On Record Doesn’t Disprove Hotcoldwetdry

Lone Star Parson - Archbishop Vigano Calls It

Again from The Other McCain - ‘Containergeddon’: California Emissions Law Caused the Supply Chain Crisis

And again from The Other McCain - Nothing says "privilege" like stocking shelves and working the checkout at a major retailer. Walmart Workers = ‘White Privilege’?

You might think that hourly wage employees stocking shelves at Walmart would be the antithesis of “privilege,” racial or otherwise, but that just shows what an unenlightened racist you are

Again from Busted Knuckles - I Love The Smell Of Desperation In The Morning

Treasury official warns that, unless every single person on Earth is vaccinated, inflation will not stop.

The Post Millennial - Chicago art institute fires all of its volunteer museum guides because most were wealthy white women: report

And again from The Post Millennial - BUSTED: Biden caught maskless inside upscale DC restaurant in violation of indoor mask mandate

Once more from Pirate's Cove - Bummer: Corporate Sponsors Complaining About COP26 Mismanagement

Weasel Zippers - Iranian Mass Murderer To Attend Climate Change Conference…

Tam at The Arms Room - Sunday, Savage Sunday #3...

Adam Piggott - Covid Refugees People are looking to get out of Australia.

American Thinker - Are Our Systems Failing? Atlas Shrugged...

a future world in which proliferating regulations and restrictions progressively rob the world's most productive people of the fruits of their labor.

Chicago Contrarian - To What Length Will Chicago’s Fawning Media Go to Protect Kim Foxx? Fox is the non-prosecutor for Cook County (and Chicago).

Legal Insurrection - Horrified Loudoun County Parents Tell School Board: Fire Superintendent Immediately Superintendent Ziegler had apparently covered up a sexual assault.

The alleged perpetrator was transferred to a different county high school and is alleged to have committed another sexual assault last week at his new school.

Vlad Tepes - UK Funeral director, John O’Looney on surplus deaths and how the ‘vaccine’ roll out affects the funeral business

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