23 October 2021

Alec Baldwin: Union Crew Quit Before “Accident”

A Low-budget film was using people who were not in the industry. Are you surprised that something went wrong? UPDATE: Union Crew Walked Off Alec Baldwin Film Set Before Fatal Shooting

Of course if Baldwin had not pointed a gun at another person...

The union crew had walked off the set to protest working conditions.

Baldwin was Executive Producer on this “low budget” film, so that he bears responsibility for conditions on the set. They were cutting corners to save money, so they brought in scabs to replace the union members on the crew, and this accidental shooting was the direct result.

It happened not because they lack a union membership. It happened because they didn't know what the F— they were doing. Film-making in American is pretty much a union gig, so there's that.

How much do you want to bet, that the collection of college film students they got to fill in for the now-absent union members had never handled firearms in their lives?

And in the Irony is not dead category. Violence Against Women Update:

The fact that Alec Baldwin, an outspoken opponent of Second Amendment rights, shot and killed a woman is also deeply ironic. Make of that what you will.

Of course since Mr. Baldwin is such a staunch supporter of the Left, nothing will come of this. He will not be held responsible for the negligent discharge. (Santa Fe is really an outpost of Southern California.)


  1. Regardless of the way a bullet found its way into the gun, final responsibility belongs to the one who pulled the trigger.
    Arrogant jakkass SHOULD HAVE CHECKED THE GUN.
    A quote I saw was
    Check it safe.
    Will they, the left ,allow justice be served?
    Will they use the opportunity to prove to us regular people that there really isn't a two tiered justice system and hang hizzass out to dry?

  2. Balwin (the actor) should never have been given a "hot" weapon but does he have any responsibility for pointing a firearm at another person when not part of a scripted action? The victims were apparently at a "remote" location and not at the camera location. Sounds like a stunt or prank that can lead to trouble when the rule "Don't point a firearm at another person...." is violated. Is Baldwin (Actor/Producer) responsible for his own actions?

  3. He won't be held responsible, because Hollywood spends lots of money in NM.

  4. Brian: That may be true. NM, and other areas, might remember the old theater line, "Your money or your life", or even, "Your money and your life".

    The story is still media gibberish. I have read that the firearm/pistol was a cartridge revolver in 45Colt-Long or a older "cap and ball" critter. The safe use of a "cold" firearm allows an easy visual check for cartridge rims and primers, or for "caps". In either case, don't point the thing at anything that you don't intend to destroy. Was Lord Baldwin too dim or too arrogant to understand the concept? It is interesting that he "targeted" a woman who had been annoying him about safety. Makes you wonder, accident or conspiracy?


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