21 September 2021

The Gun-hating Left Will Swear They Need More Gun Laws

Apparently actually punishing people who break the laws they already have would be unfair. Man is charged with having his second illegal gun since June — while on bail for murder both times

Remember Vincent Davidson? We told you about him in June after prosecutors accused him of having a gun in his car while he was on bond for first-degree murder. Incredibly, Davidson got out of jail again, and prosecutors on Sunday charged him with having another gun in his car this weekend.

He is accused (not convicted) of murder committed on October 1st, 2017. At first he was held without bail, but released on $300,000 bond after posting $30,000 in 2020. (I blame COVID-19.) Then after the June incident he was ordered held without bail, but was released shortly after that.

But somehow — exactly how is not clear in court records — Davidson was allowed out of jail again last month.

And on Saturday he was arrested again, for an open container of alcohol in his car, and what was reported as a fully automatic machine pistol in the trunk of the car.

Judge Susana Ortiz on Sunday ordered him held without bail for violating the terms of bond in the murder case and held without bail for violating the terms of bond in the June gun case. She set bail in the new gun case at $200,000 and ordered Davidson to go onto electronic monitoring if he becomes eligible for release. Again.

Any bets on whether or not they let him out again? Keeping violent criminals in jail would be unfair.

And 2017? Justice delayed is Justice denied. Hold the trial.

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  1. Additional gun laws will be like every other law governing violent or potentially violent conduct: a filter to choose who they hold indefinitely and who they choose to release unconditionally.

    The January 6 protesters are exactly what I’m referring to. BLM/antifa burn and destroy, even attack police without consequences. People just being outside the Capitol building were arrested and are still being held on ‘parading’ charges.


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