15 September 2021

Cops Respond to 911 Call, Shoot Resident of the Home

It was his fault for being armed. At least that is what the police would like to say. Man dies after being shot by police officer outside NJ home

Officials said a .45 caliber handgun was recovered near the man, who was later determined to be the resident of the house. His identity hasn’t been released. No other injuries were reported.

Shoot first, and shoot the first person you see.


  1. Cops have a tough job, no questions there, yet....when the unarmed woman was shot and killed in the Capitol Building and we had zero cops who stood up calling it a bogus killing.. they have lost me for good. Pay attention to history, the cops in China and Russia helped the communists take over those countries. Cops stopped gatherings of people protesting communist rule just as American cops are arresting conservatives but not antifa or BLM rioters. look it up, it is true. Pray for a Civil War.

  2. NEVER invite the man into your life. They have only ONE TOOL in their inventory.....violence. And they are just ITCHING to use it.

  3. Practice ! You only have to outdraw them once .


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