26 July 2021

The Weekends In Chicago Are Becoming so Predictable

HeyJackass! brings us the details on another Mostly Peaceful Weekend in Chicago.

An “uptick” in temperatures has the ability to send the “downward trend” “skyrocketing”, however we’ve been told it’s just a “misconception” and a ‘big narrative that’s happening.”

Final Peaceful Tally: 11 killed, 64 wounded
2020 weekend tally: 4 killed, 59 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 8 killed, 43 wounded

Click thru for more details, and stats from previous years.

The "Crime Is Down" crowd, being Police Superintendent Brown, Mayor Lightfoot, and Cook County State's Attorney Foxx, will all be spinning like mad. And the State's Attorney's office did say that the rise in crime in Chicago is a misconception.

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