09 July 2021

The Insanity Being Spewed by "Health Officers"

While Mr. Mundine is writing about Australia, his sentiment applies in a lot of the world. Warren Mundine: People are sick of lockdowns and border closures

Chief health officers are revered because they are scientists, supposedly basing decisions on some higher truth.

I very much doubt that, given their increasingly bizarre edicts.

50,000 people were allowed to attend a Rugby game, but a few hundreds can't attend church services. At least one of the "Health Officers" made statements that make the anti-vaxxers happy. You can drink beer in an establishment if you are sitting down, but not if you are standing up.

Where’s the science in saying a man can go to a brothel but can’t dance with his wife?

Yes, dancing has been outlawed in at least some parts of Australia. (Queue the theme from Footloose.)

Some of the examples are stupid. Some are worse.

Where’s the science in denying someone a last visit with their dying father? Are health bureaucrats worried a man with days to live might get sick?

Sadly, the Australian bureaucracy isn't the only one that has gone off the rails.

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