02 July 2021

Politicians and Police Brass and Statistics

Is there a difference between "police leadership" and "political hacks?" CPD boasts of exceptional performance in June, which was among the bloodiest in the department's history | CWB Chicago

First up: When CPD released its “crime is down” email on July 1 of last year, it said there were 89 murders during June 2020, not the 98 they’re claiming today. That’s because some shooting victims have the audacity to not die in the same month they are gravely wounded. Nine of last June’s murder victims perished after CPD fired off its monthly “crime is down” press release at — we’re not making this up — 12:02 a.m. on July 1, 2020.

The same thing will happen this year. June’s tally of 78 murders will increase. For now, though, CPD enjoys the luxury of comparing maximized 2020 murder numbers to minimized 2021 stats.

As HeyJackass! noted in June Wrap-up, there were 82 people killed, 415 wounded in Chicago in the month of June. And, as noted that number of peole killed will likely go up.

CPD "leadership" was happy to compare those numbers with 2020. But what did previous years look like? Again, from the HeyJackass! link...

June 2015: 51 killed, 244 wounded
June 2014: 39 killed, 248 wounded

Things are not better than they were in The Windy City.


  1. I should have commented on the 78 that CPD claims, and the 82 that HeyJackass! counts.

    One reason is that CPD doesn't count crime that happens on interstate highways in the city, because that is under the jurisdiction of the Illinois State Police. Though most reasonable humans consider that if a crime happens inside the city limits, it should be counted.

    Another reason is that CPD has been known to cook the books, and turn homicides into accidental deaths. (I'm not saying that has happened here.) HeyJackass! relies on the numbers from the Coroner's office.

  2. Yeah, what everyone says. Police crime stats are fudged and fudged badly both ways. "Oh, we must secure funding for XYZ program, cook the books to show a need by an increase in XYZ crimes." Or, "Can't have bad crimes in the rich leftist university professor section of town, so crimes on the street or not in the actual homes occur outside the neighborhood."

    Seen it. Dealt with it. Funny to compare Crime Stats from one office and Crime Prevention stats from another office and see how wildly out of sync they are.

    It's much the same as what some businesses do, pushing back 'bad' stats to another quarter, hiding hidden costs and other things when trying to make themselves look good for either stock sale or selling themselves to another company.

    'Cop Shop' is, sadly, a business too in many places.


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