23 July 2021

Friday Links - 23 July

The Other McCain starts us off with Democrats to Rural America: ‘Vote for Us, You Ignorant Racist Hillbilly Yokels!’

If you’re a member of the Urban Crime and Drag Queen Story Time Party, you might not be too popular among bitter Bible-clingers.

Chicago Contrarian - Chicago Speech Free Zones™ + the “All Access” Anti-Racist Pass to see Lori

19th Ward Chicago - The objective was to obtain a new high

U.S. adults' positive ratings of relations between Black and White Americans are at their lowest point in more than two decades of measurement.

Jim Treacher - Anthony Fauci Is Immune to Answering Questions

The Shekel - Aside From Instigating And Assisting Plots They Later Break Up - What Is The FBI Good For, Exactly?

Again from The Other McCain - Texas Democrats Spreading COVID-19

Blazing Cat Fur - AOC RESPONDS: Ocasio-Cortez Defends $58 Sweatshirts Because ‘Transactions Aren’t Capitalism’

Manhattan Contrarian - Another Manhattanite Mugged By Reality: The Case Of Maud Maron

Blue Bird of Bitterness - Things we’ve learned from the movies

Never, ever travel anywhere with Tom Hanks.

Bacon Time!!!! has some info on the Freedom Phone………

Flopping Aces - This is the weasel who changed the outcome of the 2020 election David Weiss,the US Attorney for Delaware, smothered the investigation into Hunter Biden's laptop.

GraniteGrok - Folks, GraniteGrok has a Problem … The problem is a copyright troll.

SiGraybeard - Why Solar Power Isn't Likely to Keep Getting More Common Economics are hard to overcome.

The College Fix - BYU Hawaii refuses to grant student exemption from vaccine that could paralyze her

University officials have not mandated the vaccine for employees.

Pirate's Cove - Shooting In Democrat Run City Puts Renewed Focus On Gun Violence Or Something

Again from 19th Ward Chicago - Next year it will be 9 year olds

Chicago Public Schools Will Give Free Birth Control to Fifth Graders, Pushing Sex on 11-Year-Olds

The Daley Gator - Ah yes, the Left and Selective Memory Syndrome

Juvat at Chant du Départ - Megan and The Recruiter

What's the difference between a fairy tale and a war story? A fairy tale begins "Once upon a time..." ,a war story begins "So, There I was..."

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Aaaaaand It’s Gone. AC has more on Monarch Butterflies.

Legal Insurrection - Leftist ‘Reimagined’ Policing Programs Raise Red Flags

So, in effect, un-uniformed government contractors will be taking away non-violent individuals in unmarked vehicles.

Victory Girls - Biden Backs Off Facebook Comments With New Spin

Moonbattery - Biden Regime Emulates China’s Social Credit System

And one more time from The Other McCain - Mindless Carnage Continues in Chicago

Covering homicide in Chicago must be like covering the weather: “Partly cloudy with widely scattered afternoon and evening gunfire . . .”

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