29 July 2021

Chicago Mayor's Failed Anti-violence Campaign

Lori Lightfoot has failed the city of Chicago. Nearly a year into Lightfoot’s anti-violence plan, many of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods are doing worse.

The plan was to provide housing resources, anti-violence initiatives, and jobs. So how is that working out? Not very well.

Fatal shootings in West Pullman are up 566% from this time two years ago, North Lawndale 201%, South Lawndale 160%, Chatham 116%. Only three of the areas targeted by City Hall are down from 2019: West Englewood, Roseland and Humboldt Park.

Yet the administration has yet to funnel any extra assistance to some of those dangerous neighborhoods, particularly on the Far South Side, according to the city’s website. The West Pullman community area, for example, has received none of the $36 million released by City Hall under the plan this year.

The only thing that City Hall has "accomplished" is making sure that cops are unable to enforce the law. No car chases. They are dangerous. No foot chases either. They are also dangerous.

She did keep a platoon of cops surrounding her house during the worst of the rioting. Because she's special.

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