17 July 2021

"Aspiring Rapper" Is a Dangerous Occupation

We have a trio of stories to support this thesis from The Other McCain.

First up, Jacquavius Dennard Smith, a/k/a “9lokkNine.” Aspiring Rapper Update.

He signed a $2 million contract Cash Money Records and Republic Records.

You might expect that getting a $2 million recording contract at age 18 would be enough to induce even the most hardened outlaw to go legit. Alas, thug life is habit-forming.

In addition to a criminal history 9lokkNine has some fresh legal trouble revolving around the federal Paycheck Protection Program, and some identity theft. Though that is a step down from the aggravated battery with a firearm and unlawful discharge of a firearm (and more) that is in his record.

Next up, Zerail Dijon Rivera. Another Aspiring Rapper Update

Say hello to Zerail Dijon Rivera, a/k/a “Indian Red Boy.” You can also say good-bye to him while you’re at it, because the screenshot above depicts the moment when Indian Red Boy, who was doing an Instagram Live chat with a fellow rapper, looked up to see the gunman who killed him

All cops will say is that Rivera appears to have been a gang member.

Finally we have Abdul Kareem Robinson, Jr. Yet Another Aspiring Rapper Update

This is a complicated story covering multiple generations and a rap-gang-war going on in Jacksonville, Florida.

So six suspects are now in custody for these two murders, committed by Youngeen Ace’s ATK crew against members of Foolio’s KTA crew. Excuse me if I’ve lost count of all the shootings and arrests connected to this Jacksonville rap-gang war.

As for Mr. Robinson, he is police custody in the Atlanta area. He was the last person that police were searching for in the murder of a rapper known as Lil Buck.

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