12 June 2021

It's Not Evil When Democrats Do It

This was a crime against humanity when Trump was in office. Do Liberals Know That Biden Is Keeping Illegals Separated from Their Families? by Matt Vespa

I thought this was evil. I thought only Trump did this, despite being an Obama-era immigration policy. Families detained at the border are separated. This isn’t new. When Trump did it, it was draconian in the extreme. When Democrats do it, it’s ignored. The Guatemalan president said that the surge of migrants at the border is due to Biden’s family reunification promise, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Thousands of kids are still waiting to be reunified with their families.

Everything the Democrats do is wonderful. Just ask CNN.

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  1. The rules don't apply to the commie demonrats....never have. And their media whore accomplices will NEVER point out their transgressions.


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