18 June 2021

Friday Links - May 18th

Flopping Aces starts with a topic I have been writing about. A police state is forming right before your eyes

Samizdata - “Classics Won’t Be the Same Without Latin or Greek”

Power Line - Finally—Some Real Excitement at a Soccer Match!

Political Hat - Unshackling The Constitutional Fetters Restraining Tyranny

[They want] a new Constitution that gets rid of pesky things like inalienable rights, anti-majoritarian protections, and the sovereignty of states and grants centralized power, near unlimited majority rule, and near dictatorial power during a “state of emergency”.

Pirate's Cover - Good News: China Joe Using Taxpayer Money To Fly In Families Of Those With Pending Asylum Claims

Again from Political Hat - Eco-Fascists & Green Corporatism

CDN - Biden Administration Wants to Take More of Your Earnings Without Telling You

Clash Daily - HERE WE GO AGAIN: Reporter Who Broke Clinton’s ‘Tarmac Meeting’ Dies — Suicide Suspected

Ask yourself, dear reader, how many people do you know that have committed suicide?

Chicks on the Right - The Silent Majority Needs To Speak Up

Clusterfuck Nation - The Three-way Squeeze

The third “Big Lie” is that the US economy is “recovering” from the Covid-19 disruptions. The US economy has been a Potemkin village since 2008, held together with the baling wire and duct tape of Federal Reserve money games

Juvat at Chant du Départ - Cowboys and Indians Juvat a report on life in the Old West.

Battleswarm Blog - Why The Navy Killed Zumwalt Destroyers

Again from Flopping Aces - Rep. Byron Donalds: ‘As a Black Man in America, I’m Allowed to Have My Own Thoughts.’ CNN’s Brianna Keilar: No you’re not

Again from Pirate's Cove - Bummer: The Rush To Force People To Buy Electric Vehicles Leads To Destructive Mining

And again from Pirate's Cove - Surprise: Mayors Suddenly Noticing The Spike In Crime As COVID Wanes

SiGrarybeard - Let's Breed Some Chickens On the great 2021 chicken wing shortage.

The Last Tradition - Turn off the music! How progressive policies literally prevent neighbors from sleeping

This should have been in last weeks Links, but here we are. New York has eliminated all quality of life laws, and so the quality of life is disappearing.

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain - FMJRA 2.0: Working Bars & Sideshows, Along The Twilight Zone

A rare week in which crazy people outdraw the cutie.

Victory Girls - Ilhan Omar Owns House Democrats As Pelosi Cowers

Don Surber - World hates Trump, if you exclude 92% of the world

And again from The Other McCain - ‘Biphobia’ and Other Updates

Why do you think it is that, in recent decades, the number of young women identifying as “bisexual” as increased so much, while the percentage of young men professing bisexuality has scarcely changed at all?

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