18 June 2021

Concealed Carry Stops Carjacking

Not before the good guy got shot. Fountain View robbery: Man shot 7 times in McDonald's parking lot

Houston police have just released surveillance video of a violent robbery that happened on May 28 in which the victim was shot seven times.

They hope someone may recognize the suspect they believe is responsible for not only this crime but another violent robbery that happened on May 7.

As they say in the video at that link, "Always be aware of your surroundings." Cops believe he was followed/targeted because he was driving a BMW convertible.

Hat tip to The Other McCain and Robbery Victim Shot Seven Times, But He Survived. Why? Because He Shot Back

It’s 2021, Joe Biden is president and the judges everywhere are turning loose violent criminal because “social justice” or whatever. You may think you’re safe because you live in a “good” neighborhood, but bad guys from bad neighborhoods might decide to visit your neighborhood.

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