04 June 2021

Friday Links - June 4th

OldAFSarge and Juvat at Chant du Départ had a story each on Memorial Day. First, OldAFSarge - Remember. Second, Juvat - The "List". The AF in OldAFSarge stands for "Air Force" not "As F-" in case you were confused.

Pirate's Cove is up next with bit of Climate insanity. Hotcoldwetdry Idea: Replace Airplanes With Airships

Chicks on the Right - Released Fauci Emails Reveal All From masks to Hydroxychloriquine and Alvesco, he covered it all.

Bacon Time!!!! - OK, Some Jerk Is Going To Say It……

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, except for bears, they just kill you.”

The Other McCain - Google ‘Diversity Strategist’ Accused Jews of ‘Insatiable Appetite for War’

Again from The Other McCain - If You’re Worried About That Creepy Old Guy, It’s WHITE SUPREMACY!

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Living In The Future: It’s Not All Bullshit And Stupidity AC is still on walkabout, writing mostly via pen and paper, but he has an update.

And again from Pirate's Cove - Surprise: Inflation Is Running Rampant In Developed World Nations

Chicks on the Right - Opinion: The Problem With Schools Grooming And Hyper-Sexualizing Our Children

Impro Guns - Duelers

Freedom Is Just Another Word... - Your Tax Dollars At Work: COVID-19 Vaccine Mania Produced 9 New Pharma Billionaires…

Diogenes' Middle Finger - A Perfect Metaphor for What's Happened to Journalism Over the Past Few Decades. The Newseum.

It was the Gilded Monument to Journalistic Vanity.

Kent's "Hooligan Libertarian" Blog - Solutions are not on the agenda

Professor David Yamane at Gun Curious - Concealed Carry Revolution Book Update

Again from The Other McCain - Creepy Joe Gets Even Creepier

It’s a pity that Vladimir Nabokov isn’t alive to write an op-ed column about our nation’s Creep-in-Chief.

One more time from Pirate's Cove - Hotcoldwetdry: Study Claims Satellite Measurements Too Low Because Models Run Hotter

Samizdata - Anti-lockdown protest in London

My prediction: BBC will highlight the vastly smaller anti-Israel protest elsewhere in London rather than this anti-lockdown protest (assuming they even report it at all).

Small Dead Animals - Critics of the Communist Party of China are now racists Canada is in Deep Yogurt.

Patriot Retort - The Ice Cream Deflection The media staying on top of the Big Strories. Like what flavor Ice Cream Biden ordered.

Lone Star Parson - And Now You're Dead Tales from the COVID vaccine front.

Lastly OldAFSarge of Chant du Départ brings us thoughts on cicadas. Loud

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