May 14, 2021

The Woke Scolds Attack

Apparently someone has told Google this is a phishing site. And so everything is harder to get to. Not much I can do.


  1. I was in the midst of editing a post and went to my blog page to search when I got that message. After telling it I wasn't a phishing site and saying I wanted to go anyway, it blocked pictures.

    Long story short, it seemed to affect everyone I link to in the domain. You, Borepatch, Bayou Renaissance Man, and so on. I tried Chrome browser and we all loaded fine. Went back to Firefox and everything started working again.

    I always say Google Blogger is run by a couple of interns; looks like they got something wrong.

  2. What SiGraybeard said, same thing happened to me.

  3. It lasted for some folks for quite a while - an hour or 2. And Chrome was impacted as well for part of the time.

    I got a comment that was an ad hominem attack right before everything went off the rails from some scold who couldn't believe that someone would disagree with him. I figured he was running around everyone's blogrolls issuing "report abuse" flags. Who knows.

    All's well that ends well


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