May 03, 2021

The UK Has A Murder Problem

And a stalking problem as well, but they have not wanted to admit they have a problem. The UK’s femicide epidemic: who’s killing our daughters?

Among the recurring themes that mark these fatalities are stalking, coercive control, the impact of pornography and some men’s inability to handle rejection.

50% of the deaths involved "overkill," which is to say, excessive force.

Just how badly does the UK deal with stalking? For the most part, they don't admit that it is a problem.

In March 2016, 19-year-old Shana Grice was fined £90 for “wasting police time”. She had reported her stalker five times over a six-month period but failed to disclose their previous relationship. Five months later, Michael Lane, 27, broke into her home and cut her throat.

And the disparity in how different cases of stabbing are handled are typical for the UK.

A 10-year sentencing gap still exists between a killing on the street with a weapon taken to the crime and a domestic killing.

Why should someone who kills an ex-girlfriend get a 10-year shorter sentence than someone who kills a stranger on the street? Because it was her fault, at least in the eyes of the law. I'm not sure if it holds if the ex-girlfriend is killed on the street. It may. (It's the government; it doesn't have to make sense.)

Some of the rules are insane. If the killer doesn't bring a weapon to the scene, but instead grabs a knife from the kitchen, it cannot be qualified as premeditated murder, even if there is extensive evidence of planning.

The article is full of stories of individuals, and they are moving, but I am more interested in what it shows about the residents of the place where Great Britain used to be. The cops are clueless. The people are clueless.

Dr Sue Hills, Ruggles’s mother, says that five years ago when her daughter was killed, neither she, nor the police, nor Ruggles’s friends, nor Ruggles, understood the trauma and jeopardy that stalking inflicts on a victim. “I feel guilty that initially I thought, ‘A bunch of flowers? That’s quite nice.’ Later, I realised, it meant, ‘I’m watching you outside your bedroom window.’ Alice thought she had a problem with an ex-boyfriend who wouldn’t go away, not that she was in danger. Too often, that’s still the case.”

Stalking is not frustrated love. Stalking is an unhealthy obsession that usually ends in violence. For that reason, I usually recommend a 9mm semi-automatic, a case or two of ammo, and some instruction. And where possible, a concealed carry permit. Though there are damn few places were you can get emergency short-term permits. A restraining order doesn't hurt, but it also usually doesn't help much.

But in the UK you are not allowed to defend yourself. They are too civilized for that! You are supposed to rely on The State, even when the State is a bunch of bumbling fools who couldn't pour piss out of a boot without instructions printed on the heel.

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