May 02, 2021

Springtime Means One Thing - Alligators

First up... Why did the gator cross the road? (I don't know, you ask him.) 'Only in Florida': Alligator strolls across busy Tampa junction after waiting for police escort� | Daily Mail Online

Florida drivers faced an unexpected traffic- hold-up when an alligator interrupted traffic at a busy Tampa junction.

The huge beast is seen in video footage laying in the middle of the junction, obstructing several lanes of traffic, only to calmly stroll away when police turned up and seemingly gave it VIP treatment to cross the road.

There is video.

Then of course there are gators coming to visit. Honey, is someone at the door? Large alligator caught chilling outside a Florida home. This one was in Sarasota.

The couple told the station the roughly 10-foot long gator was at their door for about 10 minutes and they did not call animal control.

Always look before going outside!

Charleston, South Carolina is less used to the idea of gators. (I think...) Photos: Charleston PD removes 7-foot alligator from neighborhood yard

The Charleston Police Department (CPD) on Thursday removed a seven-foot alligator from a backyard in a West Ashley neighborhood.

There is more. There were traffic delays in Houston. Toronto FC (soccer) practicing outside Orlando had a gator on the field. One showed up at the Zurich Classic golf tournament in New Orleans. And probably more.

I will leave you with a bit of advice from SiGraybeard: A Florida Lizard ... Wait...

  1. Don't go swimming if you know there are gators in the water. Corollary: if your map says "Florida" on it, and you're in fresh water, there are gators in there. If it's brackish or saltwater, there might be crocodiles with you.

You should read all of SiGraybeard' post if you are going anywhere there might be gators. Also some good info in the comments. And one of the principle places that tourists in Florida run into gator is at golf courses. But really, anywhere there is water...

Oh, and if you're in saltwater in Florida and there aren't crocodiles, there are definitely sharks. (I like to stay in the boat.)

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