May 06, 2021

Felony Murder in Missouri

The lawyers have different names for it in different places, but most people call it felony murder. Prosecutors: 2 Charged After Robbery Accomplice Killed

They thought it would be a good idea to rob an occupied home. They were wrong.

Police said the three were trying to force their way into an Independence home around 2 a.m. Wednesday when they were confronted by the home’s residents. Police said Lockhart pointed a gun at one of the residents, who then shot the teen. Lockhart was later found dead outside the house.

The two would-be bad-guys who are not dead have been charged with Second Degree Murder in addition to first-degree attempted robbery and armed criminal action.

I'm guessing this isn't how they expected things to work out.


  1. I'm either confused or I remember a time when such stories included more descriptive terms than just

    1. I remember such a time, but descriptions of bad guys has been forbidden by The Media and the Left (but I repeat myself).


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