May 09, 2021

Amazon Cheated while Competing with Marketplace Sellers

Color me shocked. Amazon... underhanded... Dare I say it? Trying to put their own partners out of business. 4,700 Amazon employees had unauthorized access to private seller data | Ars Technica

Amazon's slipshod security and compliance practices appear to explain a Wall Street Journal report saying that Amazon employees used third-party seller data to inform the development of Amazon’s own private-label products. In one case, Amazon employees pored over details about a third-party car trunk organizer that topped the bestseller list. They studied sales figures, marketing and shipping costs, and Amazon’s cut of each sale. Later, Amazon introduced an organizer of its own that competed directly with the third-party product. Amazon told the WSJ that such acts were violations of an internal policy.

Oh no! A violation of internal policy? Sounds more like a monopoly trying to put the competition out of business to me. But what do I know?

Someday companies will take security seriously. But today is not that day.

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