April 05, 2021

The Epidemic of Carjackings

This is a disturbing trend, and while this story is about Chicago, the epidemic isn't limited to that city. Man carjacked outside Dunkin near Goose Island; Hijackings pace 50% higher than last year | CWB Chicago

Chicago police have announced carjacking charges against dozens of people in recent weeks, mostly juveniles. Those arrests have slowed carjacking reports compared to some recent months, but March’s hijacking pace is still almost 50% higher than the same month last year, according to CPD data. [SNIP]

Cops logged 403 hijackings this year through March 23. By comparison, there were 185 during the same period last year and 101 in 2019.

I haven't seen Mayor Groot or the Police Superintendent make any statement on this topic. It will be hard for them to claim "crime is down" in the face of these stats.

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