April 16, 2021

The Double Standard in Stark Relief

Because that is all they know. Double standards. BBC's Head of Creative Diversity Says Idris Elba's Luther Character 'Isn't Black Enough to Be Real'

But… Can you imagine if some Norwegian “diversity chief” had complained that Idris Elba wasn’t “white enough to be real”? Why, we don’t even see Heimdall eat any lutefisk, or whatever the hell those people eat. How can he call himself Norse?

That would be considered racist and for good reason. But saying the fictional character of John Luther isn’t “black enough” isn’t racist? Only if you’re terrified of a race-baiter calling you a racist.

Elba is a great actor. He was great as Heimdall, and not bad as John Luther, which I have seen, though I have not seen all of it.


First of all, until today I was unaware that the BBC has a “Head of Creative Diversity.” Let’s just pause for a moment and savor that.

There is more, including an outline of the Luther character if you haven't seen the show. It is good, for a BBC cop show. I like my cops to carry guns, but then I am not British.

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