April 10, 2021

Self-defense Is Legal in New Hampshire

Though it took almost a year (about a week short of a year) for the Prosecutor to admit that. Manchester Father, Who Fatally Shot His Son In 2020, Cleared

A man was attacked by his son, to the point where he was injured. Black eye, cuts, etc.

Alan knocked George to the ground, at which point George realized Alan was serious, so George got very scared. George was telling Alan to get off him and was trying to fight back, but Alan was approximately 100 pounds larger. George said this went on for about 20 minutes, and he was fighting for his life. George then said that he always carries a small gun in his left pocket, so while he was on the ground, he shot Alan twice. He thought one shot hit Alan in the leg, and the other in the stomach. George said, "I had to protect myself; he was gonna kill me." Alan leaned over a little bit, and George ran out of the house through the kitchen and to the neighbors' house, and he told them to call 911. George brought the gun to the neighbors' house.

It didn't take a year for the cops to complete their investigation. There was no one to interview. The cops themselves made note of George's injuries when they arrived on the scene. And there is no mention of a grand jury being involved.

This took a year, because prosecutors HATE self-defense. Granted, the Prosecutor's report is 41 pages, but anyone who got through law school should be able to write 41 pages in less than one year.

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