April 19, 2021

Rick Beato Gets His Own Les Paul Signature Model from Gibson

Way to go Rick! And Thanks Gibson for recognizing all Rick is doing to improve songwriting. Gearnews - Rick Beato's Gibson LP Special signature model is now in production

Rick Beato runs one of my favourite YouTube channels. His take on all things music, theory, recording and guitar really resonate with me personally. And he does great job of breaking down famous tracks. When I first heard he was to get his own Gibson signature model, I thought it was fantastic news, as he puts so much out into the music community. So I think he is more than worthy of his own signature guitar.

So here it is... Click the image for a larger view!

This new double cut Pelham Blue Les Paul Special looks great and has a lovely colour combination. I think the black pickguard and plastics work really well with the blue. From looking at the photo, it appears to have a bound neck, which is sweet. And you can just spot Rick’s signature on the truss rod cover. It would appear that Rick has great taste in colour too, so I’m pretty excited to know all the juicy details on this new model.

If you have any interest in music, you will enjoy some of Rick's videos, like the series titled "What Makes This Song Great?" People learning guitar or wanting to write music will find his teaching videos invaluable. (He did teach at the college level, after all.)

You can find the Rick Beato YouTube channel at this link.

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