April 08, 2021

Rapists Turned Loose Because It Would Be Unfair...

It would be unfair to keep violent offenders in jail. Alleged rapists go missing after judges let them out on electronic monitoring | CWB Chicago

There was a story just a week ago, about how a rapist turned loose was arrested again for rape. Turns out he wasn't the only one turned loose.

Then there’s the incredible case of Rene Chandler.

Chandler went on electronic monitoring while facing charges of sexually assaulting two women — then got accused of robbing another woman while he was on bail. Then, a judge let him out on electronic monitoring again. For $500. He has disappeared.

There are more examples. Click thru.

So. How many times does a man have to rape or rob, before a judge might think that the man in question represents a threat to the public, and deny bail. Apparently in 21st Century America, that number is fairly large.

This is The System™ that we are supposed to trust for our personal protection.

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