April 23, 2021

More Gender Reveal Party Insanity

At least no one died, which has happened at these stupid events. 80 pounds of explosives used in gender reveal, police say

“I’m not upset because I have chalk or confetti blowing my way,” Taglieri said. “I mean, it was an explosion that rocked my house, my neighbor’s, my community and town - just absolutely over the top, ridiculous.”

People are claiming cracks have formed in their home's foundations, but I can't find anything definitive on that.

Still, this gender-reveal insanity has to stop. People have been killed by pyrotechnics at these things. At least one California forest fire was started by pink or blue fireworks. Stop being idiots.


  1. I saw this story. SMH. Just saying it's a boy or girl is passé. Now it's go big or go home. Because people are idiots.

  2. Don't they mean "sex reveal" party?


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