April 06, 2021

Don't Mess With Rural Oklahoma

I'm not sure why this is just in the news now... Caddo County Homeowner Involved In Shootout With Home Invasion Suspects

The incidident actually took place on March 22nd.

Two guys try to break into a home, get in a gunfight with the owner. Then they crash their car while trying to escape. Cops tracked them to a field with the help of calls from the locals.

Caddo County Sheriff Spencer Davis had the best line.

“I would not advise breaking into anything in rural Oklahoma because they don’t mess around,” said Davis. “Somebody might end up getting hurt.”

Both guys were convicted felons, and both were carrying drugs.

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  1. One of the million reasons why I love living in FANTASTIC OKLAHOMA. They know how to conduct business and allow WE THE PEOPLE to defend ourselves.


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