April 06, 2021

Cooperation Did Not Lead to Safety

Oh, and there is gun crime in England, even with all those "wonderful" gun control laws. Violence 'totally unnecessary' from robbery gang who kneecapped elderly farmer - Liverpool Echo

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you are or are not doing.

Today, detectives leading the case described how the level of violence during the terrifying raid in Aughton, West Lancashire, was completely unwarranted.

As he was submitting to the gang's demands, July 28, 2019, their resorting to shooting him was "significant, careless and totally unnecessary," the senior investigating officer said.

I wonder what level of violence the detectives on this case would describe as "warranted."

Click thru for more details, though it is more rehashing of everyone's shock and amazement that violent criminals are violent for no reason.

The miscreants - or some of them anyway - have been tried, but not sentenced. This being the UK, they will not do much prison time. (That would be uncivilized. Or something.)

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