April 18, 2021

Biden Administration: Dams Are NOT Part of Our Infrastructure

Or at least they are not important enough to bother about. Dam safety advocates feel forgotten in Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan. (Pay no attention to the public-safety issue behind the curtain.)`

“We have 90,000 dams in America, and so many of those dams are aging and in need of upgrades,” Spragens said, adding that $20 billion is needed just to repair dams in high-population areas where a failure could be catastrophic. “If you’re going to spend $2 trillion on a plan to improve the nation’s infrastructure, we think it’s very important that some of this infrastructure funding go to a serious public safety issue that affects every state in America.”

Dams are not popular with the Greenies, and so they get no money. The fact that a lot of them are in desparate need of repair is beside the point. And really, this isn't an infrastructure bill, it is just dressed up as one so that they can pretend it is.

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  1. Only about 10% of this money is slated for "infrastructure". The rest is PORK....plain and simple. And they aren't even TRYING to hide that fact anymore. A LOT of it will go overseas as "foreign aid" only to be sent RIGHT BACK HERE into the pockets of politicians and their friends.


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