April 19, 2021

Rod Serling's Warning About the Future

His future. Our reality. It reinforces my feeling that I am in fact living in The Twilight Zone.

Rod Serling Was Prophetic With This Warning.

You can find the entire 26 minute episode at this link. If you have the time, it is worth a look.

I would love to know who I owe a hat tip to on this one, because I did see the short video at the top referenced somewhere, but I neglected to record that information.


  1. Here it is 50+ years after I sat enthralled with TTZ episodes I can remember what an impact they had on my young brain and I remember a great many of them today. Rod Serling would of course be cancelled then blacklisted today.

  2. A true visionary! He was spot on which should make every American tremble in his boots! This country has no future.


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