March 16, 2021

What Happens When You Rush Vaccine Development?

And you also rush testing? AstraZeneca vaccine suspended by several European nations as blood clot reports investigated - CNN

It turns out that biomedical research is really hard to do.

Denmark, Iceland and Norway have suspended the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine while the European Union's medicines regulator investigates whether the shot could be linked to a number of reports of blood clots.

That isn't all of course... EU's drug regulator says severe allergies should be added to list of side effects of AstraZeneca's Covid jab after links found in cases in UK

The development comes after 41 reports of possible anaphylaxis were detected in the UK, with likely links to the vaccination.

Anaphylaxis is usually termed "anaphalaxic shock." It can kill you if not treated instantly.

Then there are apparently questions about whether the risks have any benefits. European Healthcare Workers Are Refusing AstraZeneca Vaccine Over Efficacy Concerns

Multiple unions representing healthcare workers in Europe have said many of their members don’t want the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca PLC, which was found to be 62% effective at reducing symptomatic disease in its trials and 81% effective in later data when the two doses were spaced out longer (competitors showed 90% efficacy).

Health care unions are wondering why the "front-line people" "heroically fighting the virus" are not prioritized for the more effective vaccine. It isn't hard to see that they have a point.

But of course the global cabal is more engaged in spin doctoring, than the regular kind. AstraZeneca vaccine: Careless talk has dented confidence and uptake in Europe.

French president Emmanuel Macron went as far as to claim that the vaccine was "quasi-ineffective" in older age groups. Quoting an anonymous source in Germany's health ministry, the German newspaper Handelsblatt reported that the jab was more or less ineffective in the elderly.

All that careless talk about blood clots, and anaphalaxic shock, when you should just shut up and do what they tell you.

In a couple of stories that included "statements" from AstraZeneca, it sounds like they hired some tobacco spokesperson from the 1970s. "No proven links." It felt like falling thru a time warp.

There are more stories, from even farther back. This collection starts with one from a few days back and goes back over the past month or so.

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  1. When I first started seeing the reports of blood clots, that got a "that's funny" reaction. After all, the AstraZeneca vaccine technology is more mature and better known than the messenger RNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. What about that technology should encourage blood clot formation?

    I happen to know from my brother's experiences prompting more reading that blood clot disorders seem to be caused by Covid-19 itself.

    Then anaphylaxis and allergic reactions? Those can't happen without prior exposure to some antigen. Their vaccine uses an Adenovirus that's modified to include DNA of the Covid envelope proteins. Did they modify a virus that's too well known in the population and that's what's causing the severe reactions? What, exactly, is going on?

    Too bad we'll likely never know.


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