16 March 2021

Media Bias. What Media Bias?

Anonymous sources are never wrong when the support they Democrats. At least not in the eyes of the WaPo. Washington Post panned for massive correction to Trump-Georgia election story: 'So, they made up quotes'

The Washington Post made a massive correction Monday to a January report about a phone call between then-President Donald Trump and Georgia elections investigator Frances Watson, admitting it wrongly attributed multiple quotes to Trump based on an anonymous source.

The Post initially reported Trump had told an official working in Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office to "find the fraud" in the state, which he lost narrowly to Joe Biden, and that she would be a "national hero" if she did.

Turns out none of it was true.

CNN also reported on the call citing an unnamed source and waited until Monday afternoon to correct its story, after initially stating Trump said "national hero" and "find the fraud" in its opening paragraph. Many outlets picked up the story, including Vox, ABC News, and NBC News.

Because hey, an anonymous source in the WaPo must be gold plated. Gold Plated bullshit.

"Our media are so, so, so breathtakingly corrupt," Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway tweeted. "They *always* mischaracterized this call -- in a corrupt and fraudulent way. But to actually make up quotes in service of that? We are so screwed. By our disgustingly corrupt and unaccountable media."

The Left has gone into spin-dry to try and make this a "self-policing win." Or something.

"So, they made up quotes. What in the actual F," conservative CNN commentator Mary Katharine Ham tweeted.

Made up quotes. What else did they make up?

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