March 08, 2021

Virtue and Vice

A while back I had a posting on how Boomers are just puzzled by the fact that follow-on generations are just not in love with the music of the 1960s and 1970s. One of the comments referenced Pro Tools, a software program that lets you turn your PC into a recording studio. It lets anyone record stuff, all you need is a decent microphone, and it even includes samples of lots of instruments so if you have any MIDI interface instrument, you can record an entire symphony. It won't sound good.

One of the reasons I have embraced European music, and Metal in particular, is that there are bands, making real music. They play real instruments. They perform live shows, without everything relying on a background track. There are vocalists who can sing without running everything thru AutoTune. They can actually carry a tune without cheating. Some of them, like Charlotte Wessels, who sings on today's song, have beautiful voices.

And yeah, you have to put up with a bit of the Death Metal, Death-Growl from time to time. The fact that it wasn't included in the music you listened to in high school doesn't make it ridiculous. Unless you're the average Boomer, and are content to listen to the same 100 songs played on every Oldies station everywhere. (That's another comment or 2 at that other post.)

This song is "Virtue and Vice" by Delain from their 2009 album April Rain. I just love Charlotte Wessels' voice.

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  1. Music is like wine. To each their own. Anyone who claims his taste and authority must be respected in matters of taste needs to put into a closet with their favorite band while the rest of us bet on who emerges alive.


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