March 08, 2021

Do You Own Anything Worth Your Life?

I have answered that question as "No!" and even "Hell No!" more than once. Yazoo City homeowner shot while attempting to protect his property | The Yazoo Herald.

Why are you paying for insurance?

A Yazoo City homeowner was shot Thursday night while attempting to protect his property from three individuals breaking into his vehicle outside his home.

What are you storing in your vehicle? Aside from my registration and proof of insurance and the owners' manual, I have a fairly generic first aid kit, a pair of jumper cables, an old winter coat and a pair of gloves. There may or may not be a flashlight, though since my cellphone doubles on that score I don't worry so much about that. There may be a few other things in the "emergency kit" aside from the coat and the gloves, but I wouldn't count on it. For a time I carried binoculars, but I never used them, and they were getting damaged, so...

Oh, and cooler, for when I buy frozen food. (It is a bit of drive to the grocery store.)

I could replace everything in my vehicle for about 100 bucks. The most expensive thing would be if they broke a window to get in.

As this story proves, being armed does NOT make you invincible. So what are you risking your life for?

Yes I know that there are causes worth dying for, and you have to be prepared to defend your life and the lives of loved ones, but risking you life for the spare change in your center console doesn't seem like battle worth fighting.

If you are storing valuable stuff in your vehicle you should either reconsider that, or find a way to park it in a secure garage.

And then you should still call 911 and wait as long as you can for the cavalry to arrive. "As long as you can" means until they threaten your safety.


  1. It's less about the value of the property than it's the fact that the victim takes it as a personal offense

    1. If you're willing to risk getting your head blown off because of anything other than avoiding "death or grave bodily injury" then in the words of Ron Weaselly (from Harry Potter) "you need to sort out your priorities."

    2. But it's not a rational response, it's emotional

    3. That's too bad, but then I would suggest some therapy to reign in those emotions. Every bullet comes with a lawyer attached and "crimes of passion" are not so much the defense they were 100 years ago.

  2. I have a box of 50 9mm reloads in my truck... So what's that worth these days 2 gold bars?

    1. So you're saying you would trade your life for 5 rounds of 9mm. At whatever cost.

    2. So Zando is saying he'd risk his life for a box of 9mm rel-loads?

    3. First off "Zendo" not Zando.

      Second "She" - you can tell by the Deb part of the name. If you aren't a complete moron.

      Third I have walked away from everything I owned - minus what I could fit in a small SUV - when faced with a Cat 4 hurricane. People in the marina were going to "stay and fight." As if a hunk of fiberglass and 15-year-old diesel engine that spent its life in a saltwater environment was worth death.

      You need to sort out your priorities.

  3. A funny thing happened this week. My 27 year old who is a genius and maybe just a little Asperger's had his car broken into and his entertainment/hands free/everything unit ripped out of the dash and stolen. He installed it himself and it looked like a factory install. His response was to get on line, somehow track the guy down, get the police involved who raided the guys house and found a bunch of stolen goods and arrested the guy. My son was out in our garage rebuilding his car this weekend and reinstalling his unit. The bad guys don't know not to mess with people like him. Guys like him will find a way to wreck your life without firing a shot. The thing is my son has an AR-15 but decided a strategy game would be lots more fun. Sometimes he scares me.


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