March 02, 2021

The Castle Doctrine in Ohio

Seems like he never should have been arrested. Man shot to death after breaking into ex-girlfriend’s home in Cleveland’s Broadway-Slavic Village neighborhood

The ex-boyfriend showed up an assaulted her. So she asked the father of her child to stay with her. He did.

When the ex-boyfriend came to the house early on Feb. 21, he was met by the woman’s child’s father, Ciaccia said. The two argued, and the ex-boyfriend was shot.

The woman’s child’s father surrendered to police and turned over his gun at the shooting scene, Ciaccia said. He was arrested but later released pending further investigation.

He was clearly a threat, based on the assault the day before. And there is a Castle Doctrine in Ohio.

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  1. Arrested? Why? Should've pinned a medal on him, handed him a gift certificate to a steakhouse and said bye.


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