March 02, 2021

Forsyth County, Georgia - They Don't Mess Around

The Other McCain seems to find some grand meaning in most of the police chases he features on his site. Me I don't see any deep meaning usually, though the "twice in two days" aspect of this chase probably carries some meaning. "Quit while you're ahead," maybe. So why watch? They are strangely fascinating.

The sheriff's office called off the pursuit on Tuesday, when the subject fled into another jurisdiction. They didn't call off the pursuit on Wednesday when the same subject vehicle turned up in the same area. Suspect captured after returning to scene of high-speed chase in Forsyth County

Surprisingly, the next night brought the same driver and sheriff's office together on the same roads. But the sheriff's office said they didn't call off the pursuit on this go-round.

And the department was ready.

"This time, FCSO was waiting, and we brought our friends with us," the sheriff's office wrote.

The chase ends with a classic PIT maneuver.

For his alleged second act, Morris gained multiple charges, including fleeing or attempting to elude, failure to maintain insurance, expired registration, driving a vehicle with a suspended license, and reckless driving.

The FCSO had a number of one-liners in their press release. Click thru and read the whole thing.

This is a compilation of dashcam videos from various cars involved in the chase. Both chases, actually.

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