March 11, 2021

Self-defense in the People's Republic of Chicago

They suffered a breakdown of the victim-selection process. Man with concealed carry license thwarts 3 robbers, Chicago police say - Chicago Tribune

Three miscreants approached a 69-year-old man in the Chicago neighborhood of Beverley, and tried to rob him.

Instead of handing over his wallet or other items, the man drew his handgun and shot toward the group of men trying to rob him about 10:35 p.m. in the 10600 block of South Leavitt Street, according to a statement from police. One of the attackers was shot in the knee, police said.

The three then got back into their car, which they managed to crash a few miles away. They fled on foot, but were all captured by police, and taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

Self-defense is a human-right. Even in Chicago.


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