09 March 2021

Militarizing Police Was a Bad Idea

The so-called civilian police have become the "standing armies" that the Founding Fathers warned us against. A SWAT Team Tore Down This Woman’s Home and Left Her With a $50,000 Bill

Police blew open her garage door, shot her house full of tear gas canisters, and drove an armored vehicle over her fence.

Then because they were in "hot pursuit of a subject" they left her with the bill.

Say that again. She did nothing wrong. A fugitive broke into her home, and cops wrecked it trying to get to him. Then they walked away.

The city of McKinney refused to help her out financially, and Baker’s insurance provider told her it also wouldn’t cover any destruction caused by the government. Ultimately, Baker was stuck with approximately $50,000 in damages.

Distraught, Baker later discovered that she wasn’t alone. Other innocent people had seen their property torn up by the police

Other ways that calling 911 is is a bad idea, usually revolve around getting "help" for distraught family members. A Woman Called Police to Help Her Suicidal Husband. A SWAT Officer Fatally Shot Him.

The first time she called 911, they sent a "crisis intervention team" trained in mental health issues. They did nothing. The 2nd time she called they sent a SWAT team.

The officers who responded to her call, however, were not part of the police department’s crisis intervention team, composed of law enforcement professionals who receive special training in mental illness. She got the SWAT team, instead.

Bearing AR-15 assault rifles and tactical gear, Collierville SWAT officers covertly descended on the house that morning and formed a perimeter around the yard where David stood with a gun at his side. Waguespack, who is a part of that team, yelled at David to drop the weapon as he stood approximately 40 feet away, behind a picket fence, according to Hoal’s lawsuit.

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