March 10, 2021

LA Continues Its Decline

I'm sure the prosecutors will continue to push for no incarceration, because keeping bad guys is jail in unfair. Number Of People Wounded In LA Shootings In 2021 Jumps 141% From 2020

The statistics are for January and February, and compare 2020 to 2021.

  • Shots Fired calls are up 88% from 303 in 2020 to 570 in 2021
  • 276 people were shot, up 141% from the 111 in 2020
  • Murders were up 39% from 46 in 2020 to 64 this year

The problems are not distributed evenly around the city.

According to a report delivered to the Police Commission by LAPD Deputy Chief Regina Scott, commanding officer of LAPD Operations- South Bureau, the bureau had recorded a 165% increase in shots fired and a 358% spike in victims shot while walking down the street or sitting in cars or homes through Feb. 13.

The South Bureau accounts for 65% of the shooting victims.

At the same time there is a story out of Redondo Beach, not part of of the City of Los Angeles, but part of the County of Los Angeles, where a single shooting has a whole community on edge. "Neighbors were Shocked" is practically part of one of the headlines. 'I'm Shocked' Say Redondo Beach Neighbors After Learning That Man In His 30s Was Shot, Killed. You are NOT protected by your zip code; you live in The Real World™ like the rest of us.

Anyway in the first article, they interview one of the usual suspects who says all the standard Leftist things about poverty and healing the community. Not a word about drugs. Not a word about gangs. Not a word about holding criminals accountable for their crimes. Not a word about trying to make the community safe for the law-abiding of LA.

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