March 10, 2021

Cops Behaving Badly - UK Edition

New Scotland YardSo what should you do with people who make blatantly false accusations? Police to probe failure to investigate alleged fantasists who supported Beech over sex abuse claims | Daily Mail Online

Personally I think you should nail their hides to a barn wall, but most people think that is extreme. (Thou shalt not bear false witness... etc.)

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Scotland Yard's failure to investigate two alleged fantasists who came forward to support liar and paedophile Carl Beech over bogus claims of VIP sex abuse will now be examined by Merseyside Police.

The details of Operation Midland are not important. From 30,000 feet: a guy made accusations against government bigwigs about sex abuse of youngsters. The investigation dragged on. Two more guys (known only as A and B) piled on. The investigation dragged on some more, and lot of VIPs were embarrassed. Turns out to have been smoke with no fire. A witch hunt. Perhaps a personal vendetta. I haven't followed it that closely.

The 1st guy who started the ball rolling is doing time for "interfering with the course of Justice." The other 2 were given a pass despite the recommendation of a retired judge playing the roll of special investigator. Scotland Yard can't explain why that is.

If this was happening in the US, I would say that A and B had a bit of clout, or maybe a bit of leverage against someone in Scotland Yard.

The pair, known only as A and B, went to police in September 2015 claiming they could back up Beech's false claims that a VIP paedophile ring had abused and murdered boys in the 1970s and 1980s.

One of the men was described by his brother as a liar with convictions for fraud and violence, while the other had a history of giving fake information about being abused by paedophiles and also had convictions for fraud and theft.

Sounds like two people that cops would want to build a case against, not using their testimony.

So now, after the press in the UK - which manages to be better than the press in the US (not a high bar to get over, I know) - has investigated, the cops will refer the case to an "outside jurisdiction." But chief on the things to be investigated is why Scotland Yard (or the Met) tried to sweep this under the rug.

Witch hunts are never good. Coverups are worse.

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