09 March 2021

February In Chicago

I'm behind on my crime statistics. HeyJackass! has Chicago's February Wrap-up

February in Chicago saw "near record" winter. Snow like the city hasn't seen in decades, and temperatures to make everyone want to stay inside.

Even so, February 2021 was slightly more deadly than 2020. But to see how far the city has fallen, you really need to look back a few years. Happily, HeyJackass! has those stats available.

If you compare February 2021 with 2015, you see a more than 257 percent increase in woundings, and 185 percent increase in murders.

But people will still argue with me that Chicago isn't going down the drain, (it is) and the increase in crime doesn't have anything to do with the policies of "affordable bail" and dropping charges practiced by the prosecutor's office (it does).

So how long before people decide that law and order maybe has some value after all?

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  1. Chicago has long been down the drain. Avoiding Chicago no longer works for suburbanites; routinely the thugs come all the way to the Wisconsin state line to rob, steal, assault, etc. Dunno why ... the liberal prosecutors up this way are not quite as easy-going as they are in Cook County and homeowners occasionally shoot back.


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