March 23, 2021

“Are you dumb?”

I will let you form your own opinion on the answer to that question. Another Routine Traffic Stop Turns Violent, Leading to Arrest of Armed Fugitive Wanted for Murder | FlaglerLive

A traffic stop, for doing 63 in a 50MPH zone, resulted in the passenger of the vehicle trying to draw a weapon on officers. He was tased, disarmed and arrested.

The two deputies were attempting to control Shaquan–who appeared to them to be repeatedly reaching for his waistband, where a 9mm TP9 handgun would be found later, according to Rainey’s report–when a third deputy approached and after warning him, tased Shaquan in stun mode “three or four times,” bringing him under control.

“This is what you’re trying to do–are you dumb?” Rainey yells, disbelieving, when the gun is found on him moments later. The gun was loaded. Shaquan told deputies he was not trying to resist–only trying to hand them the gun.

There is bodycam video from Flaggler County Florida Sheriff's Office at the link above, or you can find it at this link. (Audio starts at 30 seconds in.) The video is just shy of 12 minutes that shows the interaction.

If he had managed to draw the gun, my guess is that there's a pretty good chance he would have been shot, in which case the riots, and hastags, and 24/7 news outrage would have been released.

Why can't bad guys drive the speed limit? I suppose that they are too cool or something.

The driver was let off with a speeding ticket, because he wasn't acting like a fool.


  1. Back in the late '80s/early '90s there was a county Sheriff - might have been Flagler, might have been the next county south - who would have his deputies pull over motorists that met a profile to search for cash. If they had cash, it would be confiscated because if anyone had cash it must be drug money.

    Part of the profile was driving the speed limit.

    The Sheriff was Bob Vogel and it created quite a stink. People would be carrying cash from selling a car, or settling an estate, or any number of things and the county would steal it. Went all the way to the Florida Supreme Court, who ruled it was just fine to do.

    I don't know if driving the speed limit is still considered suspicious.

  2. Tell us about your long list of convictions, sob.


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