March 23, 2021

Oakland and Defund The Police

Can you guess how that is going? This US city was working to cut its police budget in half – then violent crime started to rise

Homicides in Oakland have risen 314% and while some back shifting resources to prevention and healing, others want alternatives in place to keep Black and brown people safe

You mean to tell me that the cops are not the biggest threat to order in Oakland? How can that be? Gangs, and a complete breakdown of civility isn't the cops' fault somehow.

“We can do all these pilot programs but there has to be a balance between holding police accountable to Black residents, while also making sure we are protected some way,” Henderson said. “We need to reallocate and rebuild our communities but we do not need to completely abolish the police so that everything goes haywire.”

Everything going haywire seems to be the goal.

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