February 17, 2021

You Keep Using That Word... Unexpectedly

I don't think it means what you think it means. (With apologies to Mandy Patinkin) The Other McCain brings us The Death of ‘Teflon’

Catch and release until someone dies. At least in this case it wasn't an innocent bystander.

"Teflon" had a criminal record dating back to when he was 14. He was 30 when he died. He did spend a lot of that time in prison.

You might think that a lifelong felon who had twice been the subject of SWAT interventions might have gotten a lengthy prison sentence. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, “Teflon” was a known gang member, whose face was covered with tattoos. Despite his felonious history, Carrasco was released from prison in Colorado in January 2019.

His obituary, which came 13 months later, inclued the word "unexpectedly" to describe his departure from this world. He was shot three times by a county deputy who saw that he was armed. Hardly unpredictable.

Click thru for more details. Why was his last sentence so short? Why did he think he could shoot his way out? Maybe he prefered death to going back to prison. (Felon in possession of a firearm...) Oh, and there is video if you're interested.

This could easily have ended with Teflon preemptively shooting the officer and trying to get away. Catch and release doesn't work for anyone.

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