February 15, 2021

Once Upon a Time Liberals Valued Free Speech

That time is gone. N.Y. Times Doxxes Scott Alexander Because They Hate Free Speech : The Other McCain

See, that’s the thing about Internet anonymity — you can create a blog or a Twitter account using a pseudonym to say whatever you want, and this probably won’t get you in trouble unless you are so good at it that you attract a following and having real influence on public opinion, in a way disapproved by the liberal Thought Police. People like Oliver Darcy of CNN work more or less full-time to dox conservatives, and this is to say nothing of the SPLC’s massive research staff, which specializes in what Laird Wilcox called the “links-and-ties” smear method.

Go read the whole thing. There is some history of free speech and the Left's defense of same, and some of what they are doing today.

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