07 February 2021

He's Not a Monster

He killed 3 people for no reason, but he's "not a monster." So what would be a monster then? Boy, 11, ID'd St. Paul triple homicide suspect to police before he died

The mother/girlfriend and her daughter were dead when police got there.

Ja’Corbie was found lying face down on the floor. He was not conscious, but he was breathing and "making a gurgling noise," the charges say. He had been shot five times.

First responders asked Ja’Corbie who had shot him and he replied, "Keith," who he indicated was his mother’s boyfriend.

The boy died in a local hospital a short time later.

The ex-boyfriend was arrested and admitted to killing the three people.

He told investigators he did not know why he killed them, but he "saved them."

Nothing says I love you, and I care about your spiritual well-being like 2nd Degree Murder. Or something.

He says that he's not a monster, but I think his actions could be fairly described as monstrous.

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  1. Was Keith familiar with the penal system. Somehow I think he was. The question then becomes who let him loose. Also any bets whether the choir boy had a legal firearm, the kind the dhimmies are so hot to outlaw.


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