17 January 2021

Why Is Anyone Using Google as a Search Engine?

I know. I know. This is Blogger/Blogspot which is Google... Google 'Experiment' Hid Some News Sources from Consumers

Tech giant Google is under fire after it revealed that it blocked some Australian news sites from search results as part of an “experiment.” Critics call it a “chilling illustration” of the company’s stranglehold on internet search.

I like DuckDuckGo.com. It doesn't always answer all my questions, but I use it for 90 percent, or more, of my searches. It doesn't track me. It doesn't hide stuff from me. It doesn't answer the question it thinks I should have asked, and it doesn't provide me with the most Woke answer first.


  1. I don't.
    DuckDuckGo or Dogpile..

  2. Duckduck for me
    Breitbart has already proven that Fascist Google controls placement on their platform.
    The really bad thing is anyone under 30 years od may not know that google controls the flow of information, they just accept it as it is.

  3. Australia basically wants companies like Google to pay Australian news sources for freely indexing their news sites and sending traffic to them. I think it boils down to Google displaying some content from those sites in the results, and ads that may appear.

    From everything I've read about this, I'm with Google. Australia is whining that Google isn't sending traffic to Australian news sites when they want Google to pay them to do so. If they go through with this law, and Google pulls all news links from Australian sources, the Australian government is solely to blame.

    I use Duck Duck Go sometimes, but it's really no match for Google. I did an unscientific study once, and I think they're using Bing behind the scenes.

    1. No, Bing is using Google.


      "In fact, Cutts said, Google suspects that much of Bing's improvements have come from copying Google. To test this hypothesis, Google manually set up fake results pages for very random queries, sent 20 engineers home to search on those terms using a computer with the IE8 toolbar, and weeks later those same fake results for those random results showed up on Bing."


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