09 January 2021

NOLA Crime Stats for 2020

A story of a tragedy, that has more info toward the end. Woman fatally shot while delivering groceries to elderly in-laws.

More senseless violence. Click thru for the sad details.

Here are the statistics.

There were more than 190 murders in New Orleans in 2020, up 61% from 2019.

Non-fatal shootings were up 65% and carjacking's up a staggering 126%.

As for defund the police, neighbors in the area want more police protection, not less.

At the scene of the crime Tuesday, neighbors were frustrated and saddened by Leviege’s killing.

“My response to it is... It's ridiculous,” said one neighbor who asked not to be identified. “We have to have more police presence in the 7th district of New Orleans. They know this is a hot spot.”

Is there a major city in America where crime isn't spinning out of control?

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