22 January 2021

Friday Links

Adaptive Curmudgeon starts us off with a short message of hope. I Do Not Know What Will Happen. Click thru.

Stately McDaniel Manor - The Bidens: The Government We Deserve

During my police years, I learned a great many things about human nature, which is why I generally expect the worst of people.

Raised on Hoe Cakes - Congress Demands Investigation Into University Of Notre Dame For Incitement. They are "The Fighting Irish" and that must be stopped.

Moonbattery - Death Toll of COVID-19–Related Unemployment About 890,000 deaths over 15 years.

The Other McCain - Sports News From Wokeville, USA

Flopping Aces - Before It’s Too Late: The Public Square Must Be Saved From Twitter & Facebook

Gen Z Conservative - 12 Woke Companies to Avoid

Meep at STUMP - Mortality Nuggets: Life Expectancy, Worldwide COVID Deaths, Homicides, and More

There will be COVID-related material below, including U.S., but I wanted to keep this separate from my own analysis.

The War on Guns - And the Beat Goes On Facebook unpublished The Truth About Guns’ page.

Zelman Partisans - Wake Up, We Are At War

Splendid Isolation - Unhinged. Is it redundant to say "unhinged college professor" today?

The College Fix - University rolls out new major in ‘Animal Studies’ See Captain Capitalism's book Worthless

The O.K. Corral - Cali Has Two Million Unused Vaccines And a stagering number of COVID cases/deaths.

Shall Not Be Questioned - Sameness and Flatness

Flatness being an overriding value of Silicon Valley.

Wretchard the Cat - “Cancel” Is Too Weak a Term Conservatives don't deserve their college diplomas.

Todd Starnes - Katie Couric Calls For Pro-Trump Lawmakers to be “Deprogrammed” Doesn't sound like Soviet tactics at all.

Freedom Is Just Another Word... - FacistBook….

Samizdata - Strange goings on in Scottish politics Scotland has been talking about independence from Britain since the days depicted in Braveheart. Brexit didn't make things better.

Pirate's Cove - UN Demands Money For Paris Agreement, China Joe Ready To Comply

Again from The Other McCain - Democrats and the Media (But I Repeat Myself) Are Trying to Destroy America

And finally from The Other McCain - The TV Show You Didn’t Watch. Is it strange that no one took a knee for the National Anthem at Biden's Inauguration? Or just par for the course?

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