December 06, 2020

What BLM Has Wrought

If you didn't think that you were on your own before, you are now. The cops are afraid to engage. Cops should’ve stopped intruder pounding on disabled man’s door, experts say.

You see the guy trying to break into the home owned by a disabled man, was black.

Wednesday, Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony acknowledged the Sheriff’s Office could have responded faster, but defended the agency. The sheriff didn’t specifically mention the Black Lives Matter movement — a massive calling across the country to hold law enforcement accountable when there are other options to shooting or killing unarmed Black people. But Tony suggested that approaching the man at Norkunas’ door, who is Black, could have had a dire outcome for the community.

“We just cannot afford to kill an unarmed Black man in this country without it having a ripple effect in this community,” Tony told NewsRadio 610 WIOD. “So we can do better, we can move faster but we also have to be precise, and make sure we are not jeopardizing the entire community like this call could have done.”

And so the cops stood by, down the street, while a stranger tried to break into the home of a 70-year-old disabled man, because BLM has them scared to do anything. You should plan accordingly.

You can find my previous post on this incident at the following link: Broward County Was Known As Coward County After the School Shooting.

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  1. This is why we have a 2nd amendment. As for the cops they are cowards. The politicians need to be strung up. Antifa/BLM needs to be introduced to one end of a flamethrower.


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